Testing Requirements

All new ICAA registrations must have N/N *5-Panel test results (geldings may test heterozygous positive for recessive disorders).  Horses with both parents who have N/N 5-Panel* test results do not need 5-Panel* tested, but ICAA must have those results on file.

Stallions and mares must be DNA Typed. DNA Typing MUST be on file with AGI.  DNA Typing with the ApHC will not be accepted, but those results can be sent to AGI to enter into their database.

All breeding stallions filing and mares listed on a Stallion Report must have 5-Panel* test results (from any reputable lab), and DNA Typing on file with AGI before offspring can be registered.  

Foals from a positive ICAA parent must test negative for the genetic disorder the parent tested positive for.

Horses that are heterozygous positive for recessive defects are eligible for registration if gelded or spayed.  

Results must be from and/or recorded with an ICAA approved lab.  Currently the lab used for DNA Typing is AGI.

*5-Panel Test: HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM 1, and MH​ 

ICAA Belief

ICAA believes that allowing horses with genetic disorders into the registry is destructive to the breed. 

Horses testing positive for these inherited genetic diseases, or any other genetic disease the ICAA deems to be detrimental to the Appaloosa breed, will be denied registration unless otherwise stated above.

To learn about current science available to assist in making informed breeding choices, go to the Animal Genetics website where you will find links to descriptions of all of the diseases/disorders important to Appaloosas, as well as links about LP, PATN1, other patterns, and coat colors.  

ICAA/AGI Partnership

For current paid-up ICAA members only, ICAA has partnered with Animal Genetics to give considerable discounts on several packages.  Use the specific form dedicated to the ICAA/Animal Genetics partnership which shows the various packages and fees. ​​ 

ICAA does not make any money from this partnership.

When you click on the link below, you'll need to scroll down to the Genetic Testing section.