The benefits of time spent in the saddle and/or driving an Appaloosa surpass mere training of horse and rider.  With an Appaloosa, riding or driving time means special hours spent in a partnership that grows stronger with each ride.  This time is what defines “pleasure riding” or "pleasure driving".

The ICAA Trail Logging Program has been designed to recognize the positive achievements of the Appaloosa-Rider and Appaloosa-Driver partnership.  In this program, the rider sets the goals and measures the success.  The ICAA recognition of the merit of each milestone goal achieved (100 hours, 500 hours, 1000 hours, etc) is recorded on the horse’s performance record, and for the rider a certificate is awarded.

Because this Trail Logging program is on-going and non-competitive, the rider and Appaloosa enjoy the time together, stress-free, while the ICAA rewards their progress and success.

If interested in this program, please read the following rules carefully, complete the enrollment form, and send the form and the one-time $5.00 enrollment fee to ICAA at the address listed on the form.

Official Rules of the Trail Logging Program

  • All persons participating must be current members of ICAA.  Any hours accrued without membership dues being current will not count toward performance or merit awards.
  • The owner or rider must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $5.00 per horse.
  • The nominated Appaloosa must be ICAA registered.
  • An individual may ride and/or drive more than one nominated Appaloosa, but a separate hour-log must be maintained for each horse ridden or driven.

  • A nominated Appaloosa may be ridden or driven by more than one individual, but a separate hour-log must be maintained for each horse/rider team.
  • An accurate record of time spent (one hour for each hour of actual riding/driving time) must be kept on the ICAA Official Trail Logging Form.  All time logged is on a one horse/one rider and/or driver basis, and on the honor system.  An official log for each nominated horse will be sent to the owner or rider/driver upon receipt of the enrollment form and nomination fee, or can be downloaded from the ICAA website (
  • Riding and/or driving time logged can be for any activity except actual show ring performance, competitive/endurance trail riding, or if the rider is being paid for training the nominated horse.  Accepted activities include, but are not limited to: pleasure/trail riding and/or driving, training, parades, or in a riding group.
  • The ICAA will recognize hour milestones at 100, 500, and 1000 hours per nominated Appaloosa.  There is no time limit during which these hours must be accrued.  However, the rider/driver must maintain a current membership with the ICAA.  

Enrollment is a one time fee of $5 per each horse/rider or driver team.  The Trail Logging Enrollment form and Trail Logging Report Sheet are available on the Forms page. 

WA Ulrich Gem F3-2616; aka Siouxie

WA Ulrich Gem F3-2616; aka Siouxie