Welcome to the International Colored Appaloosa Association, the first and only stand alone Appaloosa registry created to produce eight-generation Purebred Appaloosa horses by the full-generational concept; a method recognized by animal scientists and geneticists. Once we have these eight-generation Appaloosas, the Purebred registry will be opened, with the goal of producing Purebred Appaloosas well into the future. 

IC​AA is incorporated as an Appaloosa blood-breed registry. ICAA is a stand-alone registry. Once a sire and dam are registered with ICAA, their offspring do not need to be registered with any other registry as the pedigrees have already been verified and documented. An ICAA registered mare or stallion must be the product of a registered Appaloosa sire and a registered Appaloosa dam, except geldings and spayed mares. 

​To fulfill the ICAA goal of protecting the Appaloosa as a blood breed, strict rules prevail. The Official ICAA Handbook is available online. It is the member's/owner's responsibility to be familiar with all of the rules and regulations. 

The ICAA places strong emphasis on striving for colorful, contrasting Appaloosa coat patterns. Genetic testing has made it possible to predict both base color and Appaloosa characteristics with some certainty. Although pattern genes have been identified, there is currently no test for them other than PATN1, so the various coat patterns remain somewhat of a mystery. We recognize non-characteristic solids (those with deep appaloosa blood but no LP gene) provide a valuable contribution to healthy breeding programs and, when bred to the right mare or stallion, can produce very high-colored foals.

We believe the true Appaloosa is an honest all-around hard working family horse that deserves recognition throughout the world. In addition to its three unique characteristics and unmistakable coat pattern, the Appaloosa is known for its athletic ability, devoted and loyal heart, durability, versatility, and a gentle, willing disposition.

The ICAA was born of concern and a fervent love of the history of the spotted horses of the Native American tribes. There has never been a registered or documented Purebred Appaloosa horse. We invite you to help ICAA in building a true Purebred breed of Appaloosa horses that will earn the respect of Appaloosa enthusiasts and its rightful place in the equestrian world. 

The ICAA is completely volunteer, costs for membership and registration are extremely low, and pedigrees are carefully documented to assure that each foal born is the actual product of the sire and dam indicated on the Registration Application. 

The ICAA uses the latest in genetic research to assure that ICAA horses are free of known genetic defects that would commonly affect the Appaloosa.

The ICAA is working to eliminate pinto/paint, grey, and other undesirable traits through genetic testing and/or visual observation. ​

VKS Thunder Moon F4-2626 - KY Horse Park, Parade of Breeds Closing Ceremony 2017.  Current Appaloosa Breed Representative.

VKS Thunder Moon F4-2626 and Pete Kyle,   2013 Appaloosa World Open Senior Winner 

Herbies Last Spots #2603 - KY Horse Park, Parade of Breeds.  Appaloosa Breed Representative 2012.