ICAA Spring Newsletter

The Spring Newsletter is now online!  

See Linda Hokanson's article titled "Learning With Our ICAA Spotties!

and Sharon January's "Just a Trail Horse" in this issue.

The link below will take you to the Publications: Newsletters page where you will find this newest Newsletter, as well as several years of older.

Quarterly Mini-Meeting

 Our next Quarterly Mini-Meeting will be held on April 25th, 2020 via teleconference at 12:00 noon EST. Please be sure your membership is current, and if not, please renew now to be included. The call-in number and access code will be sent to all members approximately one week before the meeting. Be sure to attend to update yourself on current events, to be involved in discussions, and to share your thoughts.

ICAA Horsemanship Program

This was the ICAA Trail Logging Program, but revamped!  We're exited to roll out this enhanced program, which allows for not only riding and driving your horse for pleasure, but also allows for time spent with your Appaloosa for other activities, including  grooming, leading, lunging, trailer loading,  in-hand obstacle training, at-liberty training, and any other non-competitive activity.  This will allow horses from birth to earn recognition for the work put into producing a quiet, dependable family member.  This enhanced program also allows for one handler, in addition to the owner, to work with and record time spent with the horse, so we would encourage owners to be mentors to our younger generation.

ICAA recognizes the importance of working with our Appaloosas from foaling to finished riding partner. Time spent working with your Appaloosa helps to form a bond that will last a lifetime. 

The ICAA Horsemanship Program is designed to record and recognize the hours spent working with and training your Appaloosa.  In this program, the owner and/or handler keeps track of the hours spent working with and training the Appaloosa; recording, and submitting them to ICAA, where they will be recorded in the horse’s permanent record and Certificates of Achievement will be earned for each milestone reached.

This program will be ongoing through the life of the horse, and will transfer to the new owner, should the horse be sold. 

Go to the Programs: Horsemanship page  to learn more about the rules of this new program.  For those who are already enrolled in the Trail Logging Program, you will continue to keep time on the log sheet you have, but other activities may be included as per the Horsemanship Program rules.  

New, Updated ICAA-AGI Test Submission Form

As you know, ICAA is partnered with AGI to give member discounts for genetic testing packages.  Recently, we updated these packages, so please take a look at our new form, located on the Forms page.  We have added champagne back into our color package, as we are seeing more champagne Appaloosas.  The biggest changes are, 1) AGI is now doing 6-Panel tests, and we have added this into both the genetic defects packages, and 2) few people were using the package that had SCID added in.  Since geldings do not need to be DNA Typed, which was included with both packages, we have taken out both SCID and the DNA Typing from that second package, and now it is a straight 6-Panel with no other tests included, for a better discount of $75.  

Proposal Form

If you have any proposals to turn in for discussion and voting on, there is now a form available online for this.  Of course, you can add pages if your proposal is too long.  You can find this form near the bottom of the Forms page in the Misc section.