2020 ICAA Stallion Service Auction

The Stallion Service Auction has ended.  We wish to thank all of the gracious stallion owners who donated their amazing stallions and the mare owners who bid on them.   Stallion owners, remember that you are eligible for a free registration in 2020 or 2021 for donating.  Winning bidders will receive a free membership.

New District Rep for District I

We have a new District Representative for District I.  Renee Dubyk, from Spring City, PA, and owner of Murder Hollow, will be taking over this position.  We're excited to have her on board!  She has been featured in two ICAA Newsletters, and was in last quarter's Newsletter featuring driving horses.  We think she will be an excellent fit for ICAA.  You can read her bio on the ICAA Officials/Bios page.


Renee Dubyk

New, Updated ICAA-AGI Test Submission Form

As you know, ICAA is partnered with AGI to give member discounts for genetic testing packages.  Recently, we updated these packages, so please take a look at our new form, located on the Forms page.  We have added champagne back into our color package, as we are seeing more champagne Appaloosas.  The biggest changes are, 1) AGI is now doing 6-Panel tests, and we have added this into both the genetic defects packages, and 2) few people were using the package that had SCID added in.  Since geldings do not need to be DNA Typed, which was included with both packages, we have taken out both SCID and the DNA Typing from that second package, and now it is a straight 6-Panel with no other tests included, for a better discount of $75.  

New, Updated ICAA Website

Of course the most obvious news is the ICAA website!  At some point we would have been forced to update to a new GoDaddy platform, so we decided to go ahead and get it done.  It is much more restrictive than the old platform, so there have been many work-arounds to try to keep the same features as the old site.  Some changes are:

  • Files cannot be put in the same section as photos and text.  So the Stallion Showcase does not have the stallion's flyers with their photo.  All of the flyer files are at the bottom, under all of the horses, in alphabetical order.
  • There is no feature to set a link to open in a new window.  If it's an outside link, it will open in a new window, but if it's in the website itself, it will not, so viewers have to remember to hit their back button so as not to be thrown out.
  • The Menu is on the side, but not stacked tight like the old site.  It's strung out longer, and you'll have to scroll down to get to some navigation tabs.   
  • The site does not work with Internet Explorer.  Per DoDaddy, Microsoft recommends people do not use Explorer due to security issues and should use Microsoft Edge.   We know it works well with Chrome and Firefix and most likely with all other well known browsers.  Please let us know if you have any issues with another browser.

On the plus side, there are some good features:

  • This new site will be much easier to update, and so will be updated much more often than it was in the past.
  • There is the availability of Members Only pages, which we may utilize in the future.
  • There can be many sub-pages under one main page, so a few pages have been broken down into smaller pages, which may be easier for viewers to find what they're looking for without scrolling so much on long pages.  Registration has been broken down considerably, as has Programs.  

There have been a lot of new photos added to the Home page slideshow, and a lot of new articles put under the Publbications: Articles page.   If you have any interesting ICAA horse photos, please send them and we may be able to add those to the Home page slideshow!

If you have any suggestions or problems maneuvering in the new site, please let us know!

Proposal Form

If you have any proposals to turn in for discussion and voting on, there is now a form available online for this.  Of course, you can add pages if your proposal is too long.  You can find this form near the bottom of the Forms page in the Misc section.