The Open Show Point Program highlights the ability, versatility and capability of the blood-breed Appaloosa, competing against all breeds.  Open to all Regular, Foundation, and Non-Characteristic registered ICAA horses of any age, with cumulative points earned becoming part of the permanent ICAA record.   Horses in the Non-Characteristic Division are not eligible to compete in ICAA shows and events unless separate classes are offered for solid horses, but may compete in Open and Appaloosa breed shows.

The HIGH POINT - Tallies all points earned in each show from all classes that are placed.

The ALL-AROUND Division - Tabulates points based on placing first, second, or third in at least three categories at the same show: Halter, Pleasure, Gymkhana, Performance, Driving, Cattle Classes, etc.

In the Appaloosa’s permanent record, the points earned in each category are combined.  High points earned in Halter, for example, would be combined with the Versatility Halter points for a total of “Halter Points.”

See Point Charts near the end of this page.

Youth Versatility Program 

ICAA Youth members may be nominated for All-Around (Versatility) Points.  See Point Charts near the end of this page.

Open Show Point Program Rules

  • Appaloosas nominated to this program must be ICAA registered and the exhibitor or owner must be a current member of ICAA.
  • Nominations must be received and paid in full for the annual season (January 1st to December 31st) before point accrual begins.  No points will be awarded for placings occurring prior to nomination.
  • Nominated Appaloosas or Youths may compete for ICAA points in any open, all breed or ApHC/ApHCC show offered that has a minimum of 10 classes and a minimum of 25 entries at that show.
  • Points earned in any previous year shall not count toward current year year-end awards.
  • For earned OSPP points to be recorded by the ICAA, the owner or Youth must submit a copy or photo of the show’s show bill and a completed Exhibitor’s Report to the ICAA office within 20 days of the show date.  Exhibitor’s Reports may be obtained at no cost from the ICAA office or may be downloaded from the ICAA website (
  • All appropriate spaces on the Exhibitor’s Report must be filled out completely, including signatures of the Exhibitor and one or more of the following: Show Manager, Show Secretary, Show Official, and/or the Show Judge(s). Reports not containing two or more signatures, including the Exhibitor, or that are otherwise incomplete will not be tabulated toward year-end awards.
  • YOUTH RULES (under 18 years of age as of January 1st of show year) .a. No youth may exhibit a stallion except in Weanling Halter classes. b.Youth must be under the supervision of an adult at all times at the show grounds, including between classes. c. Versatility points earned by a Youth will apply only to the individual Youth, not to the Appaloosa unless the Appaloosa has been nominated as well. d. A parent or legal guardian must give permission for the Youth to participate in the Open Show Point Program and must sign the Youth’s nominations form.
  • The use of blood drawing, illegal drugs (per USA Equestrian guidelines) or intoxicating drugs or substances of any kind are not allowed in Appaloosas or Youths nominated to this program.  The ICAA can require random drug testing of participating horses.  Any horse or Youth found under the influence of illegal or intoxicating drugs during showing shall be suspended from the OSPP for the remainder of the show season.  ICAA members may be subject to disciplinary actions for any involvement. 

Enrollment in the OSPP is the same for youth or horse, $15 annually.  OSPP Enrollment Forms, Exhibitor’s Reports, and Brochures are available on the Forms page.

Kim Rumpsa and Secret Mr BarReed F2-1799.  "Mr" was a two-time ApHC Gold Medallion earner.

Kim Rumpsa and Secret Mr BarReed F2-1799.  "Mr" was a two-time ApHC Gold Medallion earner.