This was formerly the Trail Logging Program.  The progam has been renamed and completely revamped to be more inclusive with time spent with your Appaloosa.  For those already enrolled in the Trail Logging Program, the recorded time will continue as before, but you can add to those hours with other activities as listed in the rules below:

ICAA Horsemanship Program


ICAA recognizes the importance of working with our Appaloosas from foaling to finished riding partner. Time spent working with your Appaloosa helps to form a bond that will last a lifetime. 

The ICAA Horsemanship Program is designed to record and recognize the hours spent working with and training your Appaloosa.  In this program, the owner and/or handler keeps track of the hours spent working with and training the Appaloosa; recording, and submitting them to ICAA, where they will be recorded in the horse’s permanent record and Certificates of Achievement will be earned for each milestone reached.

This program will be ongoing through the life of the horse, and will transfer to the new owner, should the horse be sold. 

Official Rules of the ICAA Horsemanship Program

  • All persons participating in the program must be current Members of ICAA in good standing.

  • The program is open to the owner of the enrolled Appaloosa and one other handler per year. 

  • The additional handler must also be an ICAA Member.

  • The nominated Appaloosa must be ICAA registered.

  • Foals may be enrolled at birth, pending registration, but must be ICAA registered by six-months of age or the hours will forfeit.  Date of enrollment form and fee submissions will be the start date.

  • The owner must pay a one-time fee of $10.00 per horse.

  • An owner may nominate more than one Appaloosa, but a separate enrollment fee must be paid and a separate log sheet kept for each horse.

  • Once the enrollment form is submitted and the fee paid, an accurate record of time spent must be kept on the official ICAA Horsemanship Program Log Sheet.

  • Owner and handler information must be updated each year to maintain accurate records.  If an enrolled horse is sold and transferred, or a handler drops out and a new handler is put in place mid-year, the new owner and/or handler should be put in place officially using the ICAA Horsemanship Program Update/Change Form, which will remove the previous owner and/or handler.  Only those owners and handlers of record will be approved to keep time on the enrolled horse. 

  • When a horse is sold, the ICAA Horsemanship Program Log Sheet should go with the horse for the new owner to continue the horse’s time. 

  • An Appaloosa may be enrolled at any age, but we strongly encourage owners to enroll their foals and earn recognition for the work put into producing a quiet, dependable family member.

  • Foaling through the fourth-year Certificates of Achievement will be earned for each 50-hour increment submitted, and will be awarded annually.  For foals under six-months of age, no certificate will be issued prior to registration, but time will accrue pending registration.  “Annual” will be from January 1st to December 31st.  The hours will accumulate in the horse’s permanent record. 

  • Five-years and up Certificates of Achievement will be awarded in increments of 100, 250, 500, 1,000-hours, and so on for the lifetime of the Appaloosa.

  • Examples of activities that can be tracked are: Grooming, leading, lunging, trailer loading, trail riding, pleasure driving, in-hand obstacle training, at-liberty training, and any other non-competitive activity.

  • Professional training will not be counted, as it is often difficult to document the time spent, and the goal of the ICAA Horsemanship Program is to promote the bond between the Appaloosa and the owner/handler. 

 Enrollment in the ICAA Horsemanship Program is a one-time $10 fee. The enrollment form , log sheet, and update/change form are available on the Forms page. 

WA Ulrich Gem F3-2616; aka Siouxie

WA Ulrich Gem F3-2616; aka Siouxie