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For the first time in 12 years, Blue Creek Appaloosas is prepared to part with two 100% FPD broodmares.  Both are GAP 5, and F5, both heterozygous LP/lp for the leopard complex gene, and both are proven mares by BCAP Tobys Fossil.   See mares below:


BCA Tofoz Fudason, F5-2637

BCA Tofoz Fudason

  ICAA F5-2637

ApHC #670725, GAP 5 & FPD 100%

5-Panel N/N

LP/lp, Ee

2012 Black, Blaneted Mare

By: BCAP Tobys Fossil, ApHC #661478

Out of: SHA Patchobys Design, ICAA F4-2645 & ApHC #658668 

See offspring below:

BCAP Tofoz Padopani, F5-2647

BCAP Tofoz Padopani

ICAA F5-2647

ApHC #675790, GAP 5 & FPD 100%

5-Panel N/N

2014 Black, Blanketed Mare 

By: Tobys Fossil, ApHC #661478

Out of: DREA Patchyrainwater, ICAA F4-2636 & ApHC #622361 

Sale Information On Above Mares

The above mares are $5,000 each.  50% down payment will hold them until their 2020 foals are weaned, probably September 2020.  The mares will come to you open.  They are only offered because we are running out of room and need to make space for some GAP 7's in 2021.  

We can make discounts and deals with other breeders of Foundation Appaloosas.  Please call or email us and let us know what your plans and needs are.  We will try to help.

​Charles Potts

Blue Creek Appaloosas

Walla Walla, WA