Stars Sugar N Spice F2-2750


A completed Application For Registration

A copy of the horse's ApHC (or other) Registration Certificate, both sides, if previously registered with another registry

Four photographs (minimum) of the applicant horse showing:
 1) Full left side including hooves
 2) Full right side including hooves
 3) Full front including hooves
 4) Full rear including hooves
Photos should show all four legs in each photo if possible, or separate photos of the insides of the legs may be submitted.  Do not cut off the horse's ears, nose, tail or hooves.  Label the back of each photo with horse's name, date of birth, sire, dam, and owner's name.  If submitting paperwork via email, please include this information in the email with the horse's pending name in the subject line.  If submitting via snail mail, please email photos as well.

Other photos may be required to show close-up's of marginal coat pattern, characteristics, small leg markings, scars and/or brands. Please label closeup photos of legs as to which leg is in the photo.

An Extended Pedigree is required to calculate the horse's registry classification.  Every horse in the pedigree must have their registry and registration number listed or show unregistered or unknown.  Pedigree should be at least through the last full generation of registered Appaloosas, and the one after that to show the horse(s) stopping the registry classification from going higher.  Our Pedigree Worksheet may be used or an extended pedigree printed out from the ApHC's website.  No AllBreedPedigree or others like it will be accepted.  We now have horses that go further than these five-generation forms/pedigrees go, so extended pedigrees may be required on sires and dams or grandparents to cover them.  NOTE: If the sire and dam are ICAA registered, these extended pedigrees are not required.  If there are any ICAA registered horses in a horse's extended pedigree, the pedigree does not need to go further back on those horses.

All required and optional Genetic Test Results available, including optional pattern and  color tests.  These test results will be put on the horse's registration certificate.  Test results must have the lab reference number, case number, or whatever number is specific to the testing facility used.

The appropriate Fee (don’t miss the discount for registering multiple horses).   


Membership Applications, Applications for Registration, Pedigree Worksheets, Genetic Testing Forms, Transfer Reports, and all other forms, are available to download on our Forms page.  Fees are noted on each form when applicable.