​The following official ICAA forms are provided below for your convenience.  We have recently udated all of our forms and currently they are not fillable, as they were before.  We hope to have these forms all fillable again in the future for your convenience.  

These forms require Adobe to download.  If you download another free program by Adobe, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you can function much more effectively with these forms and use the digital signature feature.  The link to download this free program is 


For fastest processing, most forms and other paperwork can be emailed, and work may be paid for online.  A few forms require original signatures, such as transfers, and must be mailed.  Paperwork can be scanned to send via email.  A photo can be accepted if a scanner is not available,  but all must be good quality so as to be easily read.  Email to:  

If mailing via snail mail, please use the following address:  

4610 New Mexico 206
Milnesand, NM 88125 

Check or money order may also be sent to this address if member does not want to use the online payment option. 

If sending via email, please submit a separate email for each horse if registering multiple horses with their name in the subject line.  ​

Online Payments

Nearly all of our fees can be paid for online, on the Online Payment page.  If you don't see something you're looking for, please contact us.


 Membership is $15 and runs from January 1st to December 31st.  Applications sent in from October to December will be good when received but applied to the following year.  This is a bonus for new members or for those who have let their memberships lapse.   

Required for Registration

 Required forms when registering a horse with ICAA are the Registration Application and the Pedigree Worksheet.  An Extended Pedigree is required to calculate the horse's registry classification.  Every horse in the pedigree must have their registry and registration number listed, or shown as unregistered or unknown. Pedigree should be at least through the last full generation of registered Appaloosas, and the one after that to show the horse(s) stopping the registry classification from going higher.  Our Pedigree Worksheet may be used, or an extended pedigree printed out from the ApHC's website.  No AllBreedPedigree or others like it will be accepted, as they can be changed by anyone.  

We now have horses that go further than these five-generation forms/pedigrees go, so extended pedigrees may be required on the sires and dams, or even the grandparents, to cover them.  

NOTE: If the sire and dam are ICAA registered, these extended pedigrees are not required.  If there are any ICAA registered horses in a horse's extended pedigree, the pedigree does not need to go further back on those horses

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing (5-Panel and DNA Typing)  is required before the horse can be registered.  ICAA has partnered with Animal Genetics, Inc for discounts to current ICAA members.   Test packages include testing for Genetic Disorders, DNA Typing (ISAG+), Color, and Pattern.  Must be a current member to receive these discounts.

This form, with hair sample and payment, will be mailed by you directly to AGI.  Results will come back to ICAA and then ICAA will immediately email them to you.

See Registration: Genetics page for all rules pertaining to required testing. 

ICAA-AGI Test Submission Form

Other Forms Pertaining to Registration and/or Breeding

Most of these forms below require an original signature, notary, and/or for the original Registration Certificate to be mailed with them via snail mail.   

A Stallion Breeding Report is required for all stallions that have covered any Appaloosa, other breed, or grade mares.  Stallion Reports are due by December 31st of the breeding year, and filing is free to current members when submitted on time.​  Will be accepted via email if sent from an email address we have on file.  

Semen Collection and Insemination Certificate:  This form is for your convenience.  It is not required to be filed with ICAA.  It is for stallion owners who AI mares, and they can give copies to the mare owners of mares who are bred by AI.  

ICAA Programs

The Open Show Point Program (OSPP) ($15 annually) and ICAA Horsemanship Program ($10 one time fee) enrollment forms have the rules with them.  The ICAA Distance Riding Program ($15 annually) has a separate sheet with rules.  The OSPP Brochure is for your convenience if you want to print the front and back to form a folded brochure to hand out. 

Note that our official OSPP Exhibitor Report, Distance Program Ride Reports, and Horsemanship Log Sheet must be filled out in their entirety and sent to ICAA to record for awards to be given.  


If you have any proposals you want to submit for ICAA to consider during the Annual Membership Meeting, please fill out and submit the Proposal form below.   May be submitted at any time, but please submit early enough that they can be studied throughly prior to the meeting, which is usually held in late September.

A tri-fold Information Brochure may be printed out.

Instructions are below on how to start an ICAA Affiliated Regional Association in your area.