Horses showing paint, pinto, ponyor draft breeding.

Horses with misplaced white or roan markings (sometimes referred to as splashed white, savino or sabino), bald faces and/or stockings higher than the middle of the knee or hock.

Horses carrying the gray gene; horses in question may be required to be DNA color tested for gray.

Horses with unknown or unregistered parent(s) except geldings and spayed mares expressing the Appaloosa coat pattern, white sclera, mottled skin, and striped hooves on leg with no white markings.

Deceased horses.

Parrot mouth horses or horses with undershot jaws which have not been gelded or spayed.

Cryptorchids or monorchids which have not been gelded, or the offspring of such stallions.

Solid stallionswhich do not qualify for thirdgeneration classification of the Foundation Registry. (See “Non-Characteristic Division” rules.)

Horses photographed with artificial coloring or artificial characteristics, or which are otherwise misrepresented.

Horses with any genetic disorder that ICAA deems to be detrimental to the Appaloosa breed.